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Ok, so I was just too late to get this video in for Daniel’s generous “Colorado flood-aid tie-a-thon” as I’d hoped – but I hope you will forgive me putting this video and blog post in early…I had intended to cover the wonderful evening meal that we all enjoyed as part of Dr. Ishigaki’s masterclass day – but I’ll switch that one around and cover it later.

Instead, I have fast-tracked a little piece and a mini-quest that I had set myself that was partly inspired by the fun contest that myself and John enjoyed last summer; where we manufactured our own hooks by bending sewing needles and then tying traditional kebari patterns on them. As part of that, we completely turned around our expectations that it would be very difficult to make an effective hook that would dependably land fish. In fact, they worked fantastically well and made for some laugh out loud exploits of friendly rivalry into the bargain.

The idea for this commemorative tying – and a quick quest to land a fish as a tribute – struck me when I found the little complementary gifts on the pillow of our traditional pub/hotel that we all stayed in for the duration of Ishigaki-san’s recent visit. It included a sewing kit (along with some spare buttons and other useful accessories). I wondered whether, using the thread and the needles in the sewing kit, I could make a kebari as a memento of our wonderful stay in the hotel and all the fishing we did? Even more than that, could I readily catch a fish on it???

Well – the video below shows how that all panned out; so this one goes out as a souvenir of some fantastic fishing days and social evenings spent in the company of Dr. Hisao Ishigaki, master tenkara angler…

Ishigaki Visit Hotel Sewing Kit Kebari from Discover Tenkara on Vimeo.


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One thought on “Hotel Complimentary sewing kits, historic-style kebari and a souvenir of Dr. Ishigaki’s visit

  1. Glyn Williams on 23/09/2013

    What a super little article which really made me smile especially when the fish came to the net. Just shows how we can over complicate things. Having seen Dr. Ishigaki san tie a fly you are left with the overall impression not to spend too much time tying!
    You are nothing if not resourceful! I foresee a run on hotel sewing kits coming up and maybe a ‘sewing kit fly challenge event’.
    Thanks a lot for some great entertainment.


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