Welcome to Discover Tenkara: Sharing the  best modern techniques and the rich tradition of Japanese stream fly-fishing.

Learn to simplify, clarify and improve your river-fishing experience.

Learn Authentic Japanese Tenkara techniques from the source

Learn Authentic Japanese Tenkara techniques from the source


Take part in a journey into tenkara through the film series “Discovering Tenkara” and open up new ways to enjoy the fine details of your home streams. British, European, American, Japanese and – in fact trout streams anywhere in the world – are all unlocked by the flies and tactics of tenkara anglers.

The enjoyment you get from the delicacy, casting accuracy and fish-playing sensation with tenkara takes you straight back to the pure childhood joy of fishing. It is the best way that we have found to recapture the sheer pleasure of those first experiences – so, as well as renewing the enthusiasm of the veteran angler, there is also no better first step you can take into fly fishing.

On our Blog pages you will find regularly updated insights into new developments, technique “how-to” guidance, Japanese tenkara culture, fishing experiences at home in the UK and on trips overseas.

Time on stream is far too short to be spent in frustration. Our videos and personal instruction to groups and individuals help you solve problems and let you get on with catching fish. We guarantee that you will leave each guided experience with new knowledge and skills – whatever your current angling ability.

You can see some fascinating images of authentic historic tenkara tackle as well as an overview of the develoment of the techniques, basic instruction and a Free video of Dr. Ishigaki giving his first talk on tenkara in the UK under the About Tenkara tab.

If we pass on only a fraction of the pleasure that our own tenkara discoveries have already given us, then you will certainly become just as addicted as we are to this fascinating, elegant and effective method. Enjoy the site, the journey and the people that we’ll meet along the way. ¬†

Paul, John and Dean

Discovering Tenkara Vol 1 from Discover Tenkara on Vimeo.

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