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Welcome – you’ve discovered a unique fly fishing website. It is the home of cutting edge Japanese Tenkara & Elite Western Fly Fishing tactics. If you want to learn a range of fascinating and effective tactics – and have fun along the way – then this is the place to do it. Our take on tenkara is completely different from any other site out there.

Different – and better!

If you want to test that, please try out our Free email tuition that makes you into an excellent European competition and traditional wet-fly angler (so that we can more easily teach you Japanese tenkara). Just click your button on the right. Your course arrives FREE in instalments and we will never pass on your email address (we take this very seriously). If the lessons are not for you - or you don’t want the discounts & offers that they contain - just unsubscribe at any time. No charge.

You might say “But how can I trust your claim?”


There are very few sites that offer information that has been sourced in Japan. Those few that do all have a very narrow base of experience. That experience is narrow both because it comes from a small number of Japanese teachers AND because it lacks wider top-level fly fishing experience.

This is very different from our own combined 70+ years of RELEVANT fishing experience and the wide pool of expert Japanese anglers that informs our own research and skills development. That isn’t the biggest difference though…

We also bring a professional biologist’s knowledge of streams and fish biology to the table.

When you combine:

      • Knowledge of biological triggers that make fish take a fly (we may shorten this to “Bio-triggers” for ease)
      • Elite fly fishing experience
      • Complete access to masses of top Japanese anglers

…you get to benefit from a whole new level of insight. We also have some cracking stories to tell.

“That sounds like hard work”

The thing is, we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. As well as the time and expense to research in Japan, Europe and America – we’ve devised the best available tricks to passing on our knowledge. Everything is broken down into easy bite-size chunks. It is a pleasure to learn and we make sure to surround our lessons with stories and shared experiences from around the world.

Basically you get to join in an amazing global community of anglers with your own VIP pass (our in-house video and audio production skills are the best in the tenkara business too).

“But I am quite attached to my reel and I’m worried this is just a front to sell me a new rod”

I nearly forgot to say – you know what else is unique to our approach?

You don’t even need a tenkara rod to get started with all of this.

You see, Our Free Email Tutorials include rigs that you can cast and fish using a Rod & Reel OR a tenkara rod – whichever you prefer. Basically, you’ve no reason not to try (it’s fun and it works really, really well). Either way, the first time you manage a beautiful casting loop with a tenkara line – we know you’ll be hooked.

The navigation buttons and the menus at the top of our pages will guide you through an ever-growing resource of tenkara info & history, one-to-one tuition, stories and culture to make sure you get the most out of this wonderful way of fishing.

Along with our free resources, we will offer a true “one stop shop” for our in-house-designed and carefully-curated tackle range that includes our professional media productions. That way we can not only show you our own adventures – we will make sure you get the most enjoyment out of your own fishing time too.

The authenticity and quality of our products is assured by our constant consulting and guidance from a range of elite Japanese anglers (and our regular research trips to Japan, our home rivers and around the world in search of the greatest on-stream tenkara experiences).

Please enjoy checking out our site!

Paul Gaskell: pg@discovertenkara.co.uk & John Pearson: jp@discovertenkara.co.uk

The first tenkara teachers to be endorsed by both Masami Sakakibara and Dr. Hisao Ishigaki.