Welcome to Discover Tenkara. On this site we hope to share with you our passion and our continually updating knowledge of this fascinating branch of fly fishing that was developed independently in many mountain regions of Japan. Through our blog posts and web pages we hope to communicate our experiences as well as sharing advice. Some of the really exciting things that we hope to document are our successes and setbacks as we try to bring our journey into tenkara to life on the screen through our film “Discovering Tenkara”.

If we can pass on only a fraction of the pleasure that our own tenkara discoveries have already given us, then you will certainly become just as addicted as we are to this fascinating, elegant and effective method. Once you get to grips with the notionĀ of “tenkara” as an entire approach (and definitely not just a type of rod) then you will become just as surely hooked as the profusion of pristine wild fish that we have already caught and carefully released whilst practicing our modern versions of this rich tradition.

Enjoy the site, the journey and the people that we’ll meet along the way.


Paul, John and Dean

Discover Tenkara Syndicate Waters taster from Paul Gaskell on Vimeo.

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